Kansai Karate Academy was founded by Stephen Kelly in Queensland in 1993. It is affiliated with the worldwide Shito-Ryu Shukokai World Karate Union.


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The Challenge

In the initial stages of our partnership with Kasai Karate, we identified several challenges that required attention:

  1. Insufficient promotion of classes and events: Kasai Karate struggled to effectively market its classes and events to the target audience, resulting in low attendance and limited visibility in the community.

  2. Low student enrolment: Despite offering high-quality martial arts instruction, the dojo faced difficulties in attracting new students and retaining existing ones, leading to stagnant growth.

  3. Limited brand visibility: Kasai Karate’s brand presence was lacking, making it challenging to standing out in a competitive market and attract prospective students.

Acknowledging these challenges, we collaborated with Kasai Karate to develop strategies aimed at overcoming these obstacles and achieving its growth objectives. Through our partnership, we have implemented targeted solutions to address each challenge and drive tangible results for the dojo.

Our Solution

n our ongoing partnership with Kasai Karate, we've tackled a range of challenges, such as effectively promoting classes and events, boosting student enrolment, and amplifying brand visibility. Leveraging Agema's expertise, we've fine-tuned the dojo's online presence, launched targeted marketing campaigns, and fostered community engagement through various social media platforms. Together, we persist in navigating the competitive landscape, efficiently driving towards Kasai Karate's growth objectives.

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The Results

  • Improved Website Speed:

    We've optimised Kasai Karate's website to ensure faster loading times, which significantly improves user experience. This means that visitors can access information swiftly and efficiently, enhancing their overall browsing experience. Additionally, we've simplified the update process, making it easy for the staff to maintain and manage the website with just a few clicks. These improvements not only streamline operations but also contribute to a more seamless and enjoyable online experience for both current and prospective students of Kasai Karate.

  • Enhanced UX/UI Design:

    Our team has introduced an outstanding design that places a high emphasis on user experience and interface, ensuring a smooth and seamless journey for visitors to Kasai Karate's website. This commitment to user-centric design has led to increased engagement and heightened satisfaction among users, as they find it easier to navigate and interact with the website. By prioritising user experience, we have successfully enhanced the overall satisfaction of visitors, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of Kasai Karate.

  • Quantity and Quality of Leads:

    Since the unveiling of the new website, Kasai Karate has witnessed a significant increase in both the quantity and quality of leads and inquiries. Our strategic approach to website design and optimisation has proven effective in attracting more prospective students and generating valuable inquiries for the dojo. This tangible improvement underscores the success of our collaborative efforts in enhancing the online presence and user experience, ultimately contributing to the growth and prosperity of Kasai Karate.

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